Welcome and hello – I’m Margaret Gall.

I am a Health and Wellness Coach, personal trainer, outdoor enthusiast, and registered nurse. My educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in Nursing (Duke University) and a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology (University of North Carolina).  I have a health and wellness coaching certification from Wellcoaches, and certifications from the American Council on Exercise as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor. I’ve spent my entire career helping others achieve better health and wellness in a variety of settings.

My experience includes working primarily with women. Early in my career I had the wonderful privilege of working with pregnant women and new mothers (and dads) in their journeys of change in all aspects of their lives – physical, mental, and relational. Later on, I began to work with adults of all ages in employee wellness settings focusing both on health promotion and disease risk reduction. It was during this time that I realized people needed more support and guidance than they were getting in traditional settings where there are often limited interactions and minimal coaching. Around the same time, I was achieving a higher level in my own health and wellness than I had in years by figuring out exactly what strategies worked for me as an individual. I am energetic and excited for life in the years ahead. I want you to experience the same freedom and joy by learning how to take great care of yourself. We will all get older; however, by preparing for and embracing these changes in a healthy way, the difference will be that you will age well, not just age.

We learn more everyday about the science of active ageing in all realms – physical, mental and emotional/spiritual. With enriching nutrition, appropriate exercise, and mindful life practices, we can build better bodies and brighter brains. By taking a strategic approach to your self-determined health and wellness goals, you can begin to make the positive lifestyle changes you desire in order to really thrive. Let’s work together to ensure a future you can enjoy.

The Strategic Wellness Mission

I provide evidence-based health and wellness coaching to adults who desire to take control of their lives, helping them discover and adopt the lifestyle habits that will promote their unique vision of a healthier life and a brighter future.  I believe that good health is your greatest asset.